Vegan Nada-Cheese Spread


1/2 lb firm tofu
1/2 c walnuts
¼ c sunflower seeds
2 Tb olive oil
1 T tahini
2 T coconut milk
1 T lemon or lime juice
1/4 t salt

Grind all of the above in a food processor using 1-2 T of filtered water or more coconut milk just until it sticks together and can mix freely in the food processor.  This is a very good basic cheese and excellent substitute for cream cheese!

You can add other things to it to make it more interesting: nutritional yeast,  herbs, pimento, olives, and/or port wine to make amazing and interesting recipes!

For example, I find the following to make a great zesty cheese:
2 T nutritional yeast flakes
4-5 medium fresh basil leaves
3-4″ sprig of fresh dill
6 T pimento stuffed olives
10 smashed peppercorns
2 lg garlic clove

Add more nutritional yeast and a bit of tumeric and picante sauce to make a nacho cheese sauce!


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