A word about coconut milk and cooking

I love to use coconut milk in cooking and baking. I find that the canned coconut milk is good in Thai Curry Soup as it adds a lot of thickness due to the addition of guar gum. It is also very good in the Egg Nog recipe I posted. However, it doesn’t do so well in baking as it adds too much weight. So, therefore, I make my own milk using coconut powder that you can find at any Indian or Oriental grocery store. Use about 90 g ( approx 3 oz) per 8 oz of water. Put the coconut in a saucepan and add 8 oz of water. Bring to a simmer. Turn heat off and let it steep. Then strain it using a fine mesh strainer. It still is wonderfully rich and creamy but without the sugar or guar gum or preservatives. Use the strained coconut powder in macaroon or other recipes which you would add coconut too!

coconut flour

coconut and health


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