Pan fried tofu

You discover the darndest things usually by accident. I used to make this with wheat flour or breadcrumbs, but didn’t have any at the time. I had just bought some brown rice flour to make bread with as I am trying to change to a lower gluten diet.  I noticed that there was absolutely no sticking of the food to the pan! which I usually experience using regular wheat flour.  It was such a joy not to have to keep adding oil to the pan or scraping it in between.  The rice flour also was a lighter and crispier coating.

I sliced the tofu in 1/4 inch slices after draining it and then dipped it in the rice flour and fried it in about 1 TB of olive oil. After browning both sides, remove to a paper towel and sprinkle with salt and pepper. That’s it. Simple!



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