Changes in food processing and pasteurization kills the good bacteria in food and zaps our health!

I have been feeling tired lately and reading up on how I can increase my energy.  I found some really amazing information.  We should eat 80% of our food from alkaline sources and 20% from acid producing foods (see chart at bottom of post).  Since I am a vegetarian, 98% vegan, I thought I was eating the right foods but was surprised to find out that legumes are acid producing and I eat about 12-16 oz of tofu a day! I also eat a pretty large portion of nuts.  To my relief, tofu can be fermented and, therefore, transformed into an alkaline. Fermented? Images of cheese and yogurt came immediately to mind. But yogurt and cheese is pasteurized after it takes its final state, and, therefore, all the probiotic bacteria are killed, leaving our gut open to harmful invaders.  Did you know that the way they used to pickle olives and pickles was to ferment them? Modern versions of pickles and olives are processed using vinegar and lye, which are acidic and kill all of the good and friendly gut fellows!

Anyhoo… this all seemed so interesting to me and I spent a couple of hours researching how I might ferment my tofu so I can reap the rewards of an increased alkaline nourishment.

I came across some really interesting articles and interesting folks who study this type of thing and thought I’d share.

fermented tofu

Why fermentation

Dr. Mercola on probiotics  (interesting listening to the podcast at the end of the article, kind of lengthy but worth hearing)



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